Monday, October 25, 2010

Gearing up For The Coop

Coop Numis *I don't have a concrete free share holder responsibility*

Perpetual Coop

What does it do? Generates Traffic

1) coop manager - ME (1st)
Blog -
Autoresponder - aweber/icontact
All (affiliates) profits from the autoresponder will be re-circulated
under 10 share holders for now

sign, header, body - hypertracker link

hypertrack - split the URL shares

Traffic -
solo ads $300+/month
Blogging/articles/videos -$250 for 100 articles (200 articles)
ezine bulk ordering (free share holders can contribute) (20 - $2.50/article)
Facebook group posting (required action for free members) - 5 posts/day
Facebook ppc to Numis
Spinning for good articles that are performing on the blog

1) how to do i split up the affiliates for like magnetic sponsoring?
2) Do we need a blog that we speak to each other in?
3) what do we charge for free share holders? 50 ezines? spin 30 articles?
4) what do we charge for paying share holders - $100/month

6 - $600 - $250 articles - $300 solo ads - $50 autoresponder/hosting costs?

*** Do NOT rely on this as your primary source of traffic ***

- ezine $2.50 (free shareholder)
- ezine/spin combo for $6 (free shareholder)

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